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Fish Farm Diving Works

Client: Fish Farm Diving Works

Date: ongoing contract

Value: n/a

Work Description: 

Our dive team have an ongoing contract for the in-water maintenance of Meridian Salmon Ltds sites around Yell.

The contract involves visiting all sites on a pre agreed schedule and carrying out various tasks, including:

  • Marine growth removal
  • Dead fish removal
  • Net inspections
  • Net maintenance




The work involves a 4 man dive team consisting of Main Diver, Back Up Diver, Dive Supervisor and Dive Tender with the number of cages that can be inspected during one shift depending greatly on the weather and work scope upon arrival at the cages.

All the Scuba, communication and safety gear is transported to the workboat in our dive van, craned on board one of Meridians workboats before steaming to the cage sites. Working alongside the Workboat crew, the dive team work throughout the day, swapping roles as and when their individual dive times mandate.

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