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3D Scanner

Malakoff have a laser 3D scanner, the Leica RTC360. The system can take a high accuracy laser scan of large areas and has a scan accuracy of less than 1mm at distances of up to 130 metres.

This technology allows for high precision 3D models to be created for a large variety of objects such as buildings, vehicles, vessels, and many other structures.

The Leica RTC360 3D Scanner can revolutionise how survey work is conducted and the results achieved, such as structural surveys where site maps can be generated instantly. These maps allow for accurate measurement to be taken on site without the need for additional equipment. It has the ability to scan large area in minutes with high accuracy and detail, greatly reducing the time taken during traditional surveys.

The Leica RTC360 has also transformed vessel hull surveys and allows in depth and detailed models of the vessel to be made, as well as allowing the generation of very accurate General Arrangement drawings. It has greatly reduced survey time in comparison to traditional methods such as the in the creation of hull offset tables.

It can also be applied to aid in paint inspections as colour scans can pick up small variations and chips in paint.