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Inspection, Testing & Certification

Inspection, Testing & Certification

Malakoff Limited offer a range of inspection, testing and certification services suitable for a varying range of applications.

Our commitment to staff development and training, combined with strict documentation and procedural control, make Malakoff Limited confident in providing a service that will match and exceed your expectations and needs. We offer a range of inspection and testing, a list of the services we can provide is as follows.

  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Dye penetration inspection
  • Ultrasonic thickness testing
  • Gas free and testing certification 
  • Vessel pressure testing
  • Load testing
  • Fire extinguisher inspection & service
  • Cylinder testing (Approved IDEST Test Centre)
  • Compressed breathing and air quality testing
  • Incline/heel test experiments 
  • Stability data on your vessels