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Ship Repair

Ship Repair

Malakoff Limited operate a covered slip in Lerwick & an uncovered slipway in Scalloway - both of which are capable of supporting vessels of 350 tonnes x 36 metres. Our years of experience in slipping operations, boat repair and marine engineering ensure the highest of standards of work is completed along with an efficient service provided at all times.

We a number of skilled carpenters that can carry out wheelhouse fits, accomodation fits, repairs and window placements - among others. 

Further details on the slipways & ship repair can be found below.

  • Full blasting, cleaning & painting service
  • Structural repairs
  • Mechanical, hydraulic & electrical repairs
  • General ship maintenance
  • Covered slipway (Lerwick) 350 tonnes x 36 metres
  • Uncovered slipway (Scalloway) 350 tonnes x 36 metres