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SVT Head Tower Removal

Removal of the Loading Towers at Jetty Head in Sullom Voe's Oil Terminal






Sullom Voe

Malakoff Limited were the main contractor appointed to remove and replace all four loading towers at the heads of the four Sullom Voe Oil Terminal Jetties.

All work was undertaken within the SVT Safe System of Work - under permit authority and managed from the Malakoff facility at Sella Ness, which comprises of offices, secure compound and berthing for our fleet of marine vessels including 3 no. 16m work boats and 2 no. fully equipped 8m safety boats.

Work Scope:

There were three 29metre Towers and one 22metre Tower all with 4x4m bases. 

The Work Scope Included:
  • Preparatory work, including the removal, greasing and loosening of 46mm bolts on the lower sections.
  • The Crane jibs were lowered into a holding bridle and the strain taken to enable removal of bolts, wires and pins – the crane jibs were then removed by lift barge. Gangways were also removed.
  • The tower was removed in two sections, the top half of the tower was secured by the heavy lift barge and the remaining holding bolts were removed – the tower section was then taken to a laydown facility on the shore, opposite the terminal. This was repeated for the lower section.
  • Once the sections were assembled at the laydown facility on the shore side they were decommissioned into smaller, manageable sections utilizing oxy acetylene cutting equipment and collected by road trailer to be taken for scrap recovery.