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SVT - Pipework & Related Metal Replacement

The replacement of existing Pipework on Jetty 2 at Sullom Voe




Summer 2013


Sullom Voe

Malakoff Limited undertook the replacement of existing pipework underneath Jetty at the Sullom Voe Oil Terminal for the Shetland Isles Council in 2013. The existing pipework was replaced with GRP pipework, which is manufactured in accordance with BS 7159.



The Work Scope included:


  • Removal and disposal of existing steel pipework and supports
  • Fabrication of Stainless Steel pipe support saddles to support replacement pipework
  • In house fabrication of threaded nylon sockets to accept pipe support fixings
  • Installation of pipe support saddles by core boring fixing points with a hydraulic core drill and fixing nylon sockets into position using marine epoxy grout
  • Management of specialist subcontractor appointed to carry out GRP pipework installation.
  • Supply of support resources and plant to subcontractor during pipework installation.
  • Extensive hydro-demolition was carried out to the concrete surrounding the existing pipework to allow suitable access to install the new GRP pipework. All Sub-Contractor resources and logistics were managed by Malakoff Limited.