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Tavish Scott Vists For Apprenticeship Week

Tavish Scott Vists For Apprenticeship Week

We welcomed Tavish Scott to Malakoff this week, where he visited Kieren Fraser. 

Kieren has just completed his Scottish Vocational Qualifications Level 3 in Construction Contracting Operations General with the addition of a Certificate in Naval Architecture. As an example, some of the units he studied were in Ship Design, Operating in marine environment, Durability in marine environment and Hydrostatics. He did the Naval Architecture as an online course through Lloyd’s Maritime Academy, London. This apprenticeship was over 2 years through Train Shetland.

Kieren has now progressed on to a Graduate Apprenticeship in Engineering Design and Manufacture with Robert Gordon University. This is the first year of this in Shetland. Kieren travels to Aberdeen once a month to have tutorials and to sit exams, otherwise he studies while at work using online study with RGU and has a workplace mentor at Malakoff to help him.